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Monday, November 28, 2011

Three-Storey House

Good morning fellows! Here's the latest dream house I design.
(The Sun of opportunity never sets, that is why it is always Good Morning!)

Hi there! It's me again, doing the things that I love. You know already, right? Of course designing your dream house.  Anyway, I love to share with you today my latest dream house that I design. It's a three story house. Actually it's really not a three story since the third floor only covers 50 percent of the area of the second floor, but just allow me to call it three story since it looks like one, right?

It has a four bedroom on the second floor and two car garage in the ground floor plus the common area like living, dining, kitchen and maid's room in the ground floor as well. It has also a swimming pool at the back of the house but I won't show it this time the swimming pool area. (I will show that in my next post, so stay tune fellows).

And, Here's the first scheme that I did. (Actually I did a three option on these one.) I will let you be the judge, okay?
 View 1...
Click the image to view in a higher resolution.
 View 2..
Click the image to view in a higher resolution.

And here's the second scheme...
View 1...
Click the image to view in a higher resolution.

View 2...
Click the image to view in a higher resolution.
And here's the third option...
Click the image to view in a higher resolution.

To be honest,  I am not really sure about this third one,  as you can see there's a lot of color combination, right? It's really not my kind of tea, I mean it's not my usual concept, but as they say that sometimes in our life we have to push our limits or shall I say I had to try to design beyond my comfort zone. I hope, I am doing it right. Anyway, I commission you to be the judge. Please give me your thoughts on these.
I will really appreciate your thoughts  and comments. Again please leave your  comments below... 

So long fellows, together we say it out loud with conviction,
In God’s name I will live my dreams.

Living the dream,
Bernard "the dreamer" Cadelina
"The architect" 

P.S. If ever you are looking for an architect to design your dream house, I might be of help, just send me  an email to

PPS. “Therefore I say unto you, all things whatsoever you pray and ask for, believe that you will receive them and you shall have them.” Mark 11:24 

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