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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Two Bedroom Bungalow house

Simplicity is beauty or shall we say there’s a beauty in simplicity. But how about elegance, Is there elegance in simplicity? That question crosses to the mind of the designer of this small bungalow house before he design this one storey bungalow house, and if you were to be ask to this question how will you describe this small bungalow house?

For me, “simply elegant” can best describe this contemporary one storey small bungalow house. Many of small income earners would simply dream for a low cost dwelling where it can shed off during stormy or rainy days. Others would dream for a house that could satisfy the feeling of “sense of ownership”, and so on. But folks, it’s high time to dream a little bit bigger! I tell you that fantastic house designs that you are dreaming of could be possible even if you have a buildable area that is 100 square meter or less. Below are the area schedule and its estimated cost range for this particular house.

Area Schedule

Total Floor Area
Minimum Lot Size
13.00 x 16.00
208 Sqm.

Estimated Cost Range
Up to
Rough Finished
PHP 1,080,000.00
PHP 1,260,000.00
PHP 1,440,000.00
PHP 1,620,000.00
Conservatively Finished
PHP 1,800,000.00
PHP 1,980,000.00
Elegantly Finished
PHP 2,160,000.00
PHP 2,880,000.00

Friends, I am showcasing a house design that is very ideal to a new beginning family where dreams are started to be set. This house is small when it comes to its size. It is affordable as it does not require huge space in its room, yet sophisticated and has an elegant design. This house has cozy contemporary materials with a touch of a traditional Filipino design and functionally appealing layout. The modernity of this house speaks for itself. Its ambiance is very clean, classy and calming to our restless mind. Everything is neat, and the lines in every angle evoke sophistication like no other. This house is composed of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living, dining and a kitchen. The total floor area of this house is 90sqm. The minimum lot that this house requires is around 13mx16m.

For those of you who are looking for a modern- contemporary house design in the Philippines, here's my simple and practical design that might inspire you. 

Friends, every house is a dream come true. Every dream house starts with a design. Let me do my part in your dream by providing you with the best practical design possible that suits to your needs. Live your dream house NOW! To order blueprints call (02) 570-7302 or Email us at

Keep believing in your dreams. Keep dreaming, because dreams are the seedlings of our reality.

Living the dream,

Architect Bernard Cadeliña
"With God all things are possible" (Mat. 19:26).

PS. “Therefore I say unto you, all things whatsoever you pray and ask for, believe that you will receive them and you shall have them.”  Mark 11:24

So it is with faith: if it is alone and includes no actions, then it is dead. "James 2:17"

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