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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Challenge to all Filipino architects, designers and CG artist.

Hi! My fellow architects, designers and CG artist.

Allow me to share to you this guy who is by now in my own humble opinion is a successful one in our field. Who doesn't know Stanislav  Orekhov ? If you are a 3d artist or something of this nature, I bet you already knew this talented guy. 

Stanislav Orekhov  started as a draftsman then 3d modeler then 3d visualizer and now he is the CEO of studio.  What really impresses me to this guy is his entrepreneurial mindset.  After he master and dominate the world of 3d visualization he then make his own website for  3d visualization and then offer  a training course for 3d visualization in interior design and architectural design, he even accept interior designing and I think architectural designing as well  and to top of that he is selling his own 3d stuff. Can you break that? Wow! What a brilliant idea, right?

Here are some of his works.....


To view more of his works please visit his site

 My dear fellows, you might wonder why I share this one here in my blog. To be honest with you guys I 
just want to challenge our very own Filipino talent. I would like to address this challenge to our very talented, world class guys in the world of 3d and computer graphics that I hope and pray that we can all learn from this guy, imagine he started as a draftsman and look at him now. I knew a lot of Filipino talent in our field that are more talented than this guy (in my bias opinion, of course!) but don't have this entrepreneurial mindset. After they were able to master the world of 3d visualization they stop growing and they are already satisfied with that little fame they’ve got. You might be asking why, it’s because they don’t have anymore drive to continue and they don’t have anymore reason to pursue. There are so many super talented Filipino artist but they don't know how to market their service that is why they are still struggling financially. Guys, this is a big challenge to all of us. We have the brain, the skills, the talent and the looks (just kidding folks) but you get what I'm trying to drive, right?. If Mr. Stanislav Orekhov did it why can't we? 

Entrepreneurship is not just about making money and to become wealthy as Mr. John L. Gokongwei said in his commencement address to the 2004 Ateneo de Manila University graduating class that it is also one way to serve our countrymen and to help our country's economy.

Do you think that blaming and cursing our Philippine government can help our country's morale and economy? The bible says...
(James 3:9) My dear friends, with our tongues we speak both praises and curses. We praise our Lord and Father, and we curse people who were created to be like God, and this isn't right. 

(John 8:7) Finally, he stood up and said, "If any of you have never sinned, then go ahead and throw the first stone at her!" 
If we only recognize the power of our mind, our thoughts, our words, our hearts and our actions then and only then we can uplift our country's morale and economy. As Mr. John L. Gokongwei said in his address... Entrepreneurship is the answer....

(If you want to read the commencement address to the 2004 Ateneo de Manila University graduating class given by Mr. John L. Gokongwei please visit this blog. Click here).

Folks, dream and dream big and don't stop dreaming. Let us keep on believing in our dreams, because dreams are the seedlings of our reality.

Remember this verse from the Holy book my dear friends,
“Therefore I say unto you, all things whatsoever you pray and ask for, believe that you will receive them and you shall have them.” Mark 11:24 
So long fellows, together we say it out loud with conviction,
In God’s name I will live my dreams.

Living the dream,
Bernard Cadelina
"The architect" 

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