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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Postmodern House

Good morning fellows! Here's the latest dream house I design.
(The Sun of opportunity never sets, that is why it is always Good Morning!)
Hey! guys, allow me to share with you my latest dream house design. I called it post modern house. I will discuss more on these on my next post. (So, stay tune fellows, the best is yet to come.) Anyway, i get this idea one day when I was browsing the net, I stumble upon to this simple yet cute house and I decided to make my own version. Here it is. 
This postmodern house design is a product of 3d studio max software with V-ray.
(click the image to enlarge)
Actually, this design is not really my 100 percent design  because the general form of these is from the reference I got from the net. I could say it's a 60-40 percent my design, 60 percent from the reference and 40 percent my imagination. To be honest with you guys, every time i make a design, I make first a lot of research and reference then from there I will allow my creativity and imagination flow.  By the way here's another view of it.
This postmodern house design is a product of 3d studio max software with V-ray.
(click the image to enlarge)
My dear friends, this might not be the very best postmodern house design or the best architectural design online or the best online interior design you can see in the world or in the Philippines but for someone, some where it might be the best dream house design they could ever imagine. Folks, Every house is a dream come true. First it starts in our thoughts, in our mind, or in our dreams, then it manifest. If you watch the movie "the secret" or believe the law of attraction then you will understand what I am talking about. Now folks, are you living your dream house? The answer lies deep with in you. Keep believing in your dreams. Keep dreaming.

Remember this verse from the Holy book my dear friends,
" With God all things are possible " (Mat. 19:26).
So long fellows, together we say it out loud with conviction,
In God’s name I will live my dreams.

Living the dream,
Bernard Cadelina
"The architect" 

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