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Monday, December 30, 2013

Five bedrooms-Two Storey House

With five bedrooms in this two storey house, it is more advantageous for a large family to have a house with more bedrooms, as it is important that each member of the family could have its own privacy. Most likely, grownups children are definitely wishes to have their own bedrooms.  A house with more bedrooms also provide spacious place for the family to move in.  Things in the house becomes properly organized as well.

The creation of a pocket garden on the ground floor brings nature's healing capacity in air purification as well as a screen for privacy is an advantage of a home design that consider the residents best interest.

In terms of size and measurements, it has a floor area of 201sqm on the ground floor and 186sqm on the second floor, a total floor area of 387sqm. This five bedroom residential house needs a lot area of 324 square meters (18m X 18m). This is a perfect design if you have lot which of the same size like this.

My dear friends/followers, there can be a lot of overwhelming house design can be seen online all over the world. But only this house design captures a "Pinoy" preferences which is simple, refreshing but elegant house.

Friends, every house is a dream come true.  Every dream house starts with a design. Let me do my part in your dream by providing you with the best practical design possible that suits to your needs. Live your dream house NOW!  Email to

Keep believing in your dreams. Keep dreaming, because dreams are the seedlings of our reality.

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Architect Bernard Cadelina
"With God all things are possible" (Mat. 19:26).

PS. “Therefore I say unto you, all things whatsoever you pray and ask for, believe that you will receive them and you shall have them.”  Mark 11:24

So it is with faith: if it is alone and includes no actions, then it is dead. "James 2:17"

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