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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Elevated House Design 2

Folks, are you planning to build or construct your own dream house soon?  Next year or in the coming future?  Or just plain curious about how to start making your dream house come true?  Then, you have browsed just the right page.
Yes!  Level up to a three-story elevated house.  You may have just been waiting for this second design to perfectly suit your requirement for a flood-free elevated house, while offering a spectacular view.  Obviously, there's no such thing as an absolute flood -free design.  Available designs have been made only to minimize the impact of floods, typhoons, and incessant rains in the Philippines.  

(Please click this image to see in a higher resolution)

(Please click this image to see in a higher resolution)

(Please click this image to see in a higher resolution)

So what’s new with this second design?  This design is as interesting as the first one, except for the additional floor which gives your family an elevated protection.  Take a closer look at the additional space in this design, yet in a relatively inexpensive manner. You now have two options to choose from. It's up to you to decide. The first one has only two levels above the ground while this one has three floors. The next obvious difference is the height of the first level from the ground line. The first design has 2.25 meters in height from the ground to the first level while the second one is only 1.65 meters high. These choices must give you more freedom to complement your design with the chosen location. Anyway, the real difference lies in your taste, preference, and your budget. You may think that your area is not in the flood danger zone but think with me, it is always wise to be on the defensive mode in protecting your property or business and of course your family.

Friends, every house is a dream come true.  Every dream house starts with a design. Let me do my part in your dream by providing you with the best practical design possible that suits your needs. Live your dream house NOW!  Email to

Living the dream,

Architect Bernard Cadelina
"With God all things are possible" (Mat. 19:26).

PS. “Therefore I say unto you, all things whatsoever you pray and ask for, believe that you will receive them and you shall have them.”  Mark 11:24

PPS. For real time data and more comprehensive information about weather outlook, flood map, and weather station, please visit . Please help spread the word! Like or tweet this so more people will be informed on flood hazard areas in their communities.

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