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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Two-Storey House In Cebu

I know, I know, and I know! This two-story house looks familiar to you, isn’t it? If you happen to see my old blog entitled two-storey house you might had seen this before. Well, you are right and I’m sorry for that. I decide to post this two-story house again because this is my latest project. The only difference is the location for this house to be built. This time this two-storey house in God’s grace will be built soon in the island of Cebu, Philippines particularly in Talisay City, although, the owner is still looking for a perfect lot and location for this house.

You know what guys; I was amazed by the dreams and desire of this owner to build his dream house. Although they already own a house in Cebu, Philippines but it’s not the house of his dream. One day while he was browsing the internet he was able to drop by at this blogsite of mine. In his own word he says “I was mesmerized by your dream house design”. By that moment on he sends me right away an email asking for more details. To make the story short we are already in the middle of our deal to finish it. Not only that, I was also amazed, knowing that he still did not have a land to build with. He decides first what his dream house will look like and then look for that perfect lot of his dream house. Wow!!! Can you believe that? Normally, we buy first a land and then we look for an architect to design our dream house, right? But this owner does the exact opposite. He does the other way around. Isn’t it great and amazing?

You may ask me, is it possible architect? Of course! It is. With God all things are possible. You only need to believe it. For this, I salute you both Sir and Ma’am. I will pray that soon you can find the perfect lot and location for your dream house. I will also pray that God will bless you more financially and physically so that you can build this dream house of yours. In God’s name you will live your dream house.

Here’s the front view…

Again, this might neither be your very best house design nor the best architectural design online or the best online interior design you can see in the world or in the Philippines but if you could only borrow the eyes of the owner, you will see what we are talking about.. Folks, Every house are a dream come true. First it starts in our thoughts, in our mind, or in our dreams, then it manifest.

Now folks, are you living your dream house? The 
answer lies deep with in you. Keep believing in your dreams. Keep dreaming, because dreams are the seedlings of our reality.

So long fellows, together we say it out loud with conviction,

In God’s name I will live my dreams.


Living the dream, 
Bernard Cadelina 
"The architect" 

P.S. If ever you are looking for an architect to design your dream house, I might be of help, just send me  an email to
PPS. “Therefore I say unto you, all things whatsoever you pray and ask for, believe that you will receive them and you shall have them.” Mark 11:24

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