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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Four Bedrooms Bungalow House in Tarlac City

Does this dream house design looks familiar to you? 

If you take a look back my old blog entitled Post modern House 2 and Post modern house 2 updates, this can be seen there. This time, it has four bedrooms residential house to be built in Tarlac City, Philippines. This design really looks like the house which I posted in my previous blog (Post-Modern House 2) but with little distinction in the right side area. 

This Four bedroom residential house has its own bathroom in every bedroom. It has a separate living room which is spacious enough and has access to the terrace. The dining and kitchen area with a nook is an open plan and have access to the dirty kitchen located just adjacent to the showcase kitchen. Also, it has laundry room and a storage room where you can store your extra things such as travelling bags, Christmas decor, old interior accessories, tools, cleaning stuff and the like.

In terms of size and measurements, this four bedroom bungalow house has a floor area of 210 square meters and it needs a 15m x 25m lot to be able to build this. This is a perfect design if you have lot which of the same size like this. 

My dear friends, there can be a lot of overwhelming house design can be seen online all over the world. But only this house design captures a "Pinoy" preferences which is simple, refreshing but elegant house. 

Friends, every house is a dream come true. Every dream house starts with a design. Let me do my part in your dream by providing you with the best practical design possible that suits to your needs. Live your dream house NOW! To order blueprints, call (02) 570-7302 or Email us at

Keep believing in your dreams. Keep dreaming, because dreams are the seedlings of our reality.

Living the dream,

Architect Bernard Cadelina
"With God all things are possible" (Mat. 19:26).

PS. “Therefore I say unto you, all things whatsoever you pray and ask for, believe that you will receive them and you shall have them.”  Mark 11:24

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