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Monday, July 10, 2017

House for People with Extra-ordinary Needs

Good news to all people who are in their retirement age, or should I say, to people with special needs/disability!!!  A newly designed house perfect for your needs is up your hands now!  

Folks, you may be a retiring person or somewhat with disability that has been working all your life to make ends meet like entrepreneurship, engaged into business world, or you may be working here in the Philippines or the other part of the globe like United States, Europe, Canada, or in the Middle East, I’m pretty sure you have instilled your very own dream house.  

Folk, investing a house that you will spend for the rest of your life is a brilliant one. You deserve to have a comfy house like this in your retirement days. 

For that matter, I would highly recommend this kind of house design of mine that is a PWD or a senior citizen friendly, where you can do things comfortably. This house design was initially inspired by this law “Batas Pambansa 344” (B.P. 344) which is an “Act to enhance the mobility of disabled persons by requiring certain buildings; institutions, establishments, and public utilities to install facilities and other devices”. 

This is the Front View of the House, showcasing the ramp, main entrance stair and the two balconies.
This is the Front and left side View of the House, showcasing the  carport, ramp, main entrance stair and the two balconies. 
This is the Back side of the House, showcasing the ramp, stairs, carport and the clerestory windows above to provide cross ventilation.

This distinctive house has been oriented to maximise the solar efficiency of the design. Living room and bedrooms are specifically situated in a way that can receive the maximum daylight while ancillary spaces are located the exact opposite. Wide roof overhangs and window shading devices control the entry of sun and protect openings from rain. Abundant north and south facing glass allows natural light to enter all spaces. This reduces the need for artificial light during daytime.

Rooms have been designed to have a cross ventilation. Most houses in the Philippines don’t practice this cross ventilation principles due to the scarcity of the land and they end up building firewalls in most sides of the property. As an architect, I know the importance of cross ventilation. Cross Ventilation leads to decrease in use of Air Conditioners thus reducing electricity consumption and ultimately reducing Green House Gases emissions. Wind ventilation is a kind of passive ventilation that uses the force of the wind to pull air through the building. Wind ventilation is the easiest, most common, and often least expensive form of passive cooling and ventilation. Successful wind ventilation is determined by having high thermal comfort and adequate fresh air for the ventilated spaces, while having little or no energy use for active HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) cooling and ventilation. Cross-ventilation is generally the most effective form of wind ventilation.

This is the section of the house, showing the two windows in the bedroom, one in the right side and the other one in the left which is a clerestory window. These two windows are specifically located  in order to have a cross ventilation.

This is the section of the house, showing the two windows in the Master bedroom, one in the right side and the other one in the opposite side. These two windows are specifically located  in order to have a cross ventilation.

This customised house incorporates features that allow it to be suitable for a wide range of family groups over a wide range of age groups. The use of wider hallways, doors and distances between work benches allows the house to be accessible to everyone. Ramps at natural grade to the ground floor as well as at door thresholds to avoid steps, accessible design for toilet and bathrooms to comply with B.P. 344 ruling are also included in this special house.

This customised house has Two-Car carport, comfortable size Living area, Dining area, Kitchen, in an open plan plus a balcony just outside the Living area.  There are two standard Bedrooms and one Master's Bedroom with its own balcony. There are two bathrooms. The first one is the accessible toilet and bath and the other one is the normal toilet and bath.

In terms of size and measurements, this three bedroom one storey house has a total enclosed floor area of 124 square meters excluding the balconies and it needs a 676 square meters lot (26 m x26 m) to be able to build this. This is a perfect design if you have lot which of the same size like this. 

This is the aerial view of the house, showing the walkway that surrounds the house in order for the occupant to roam around the house freely.

For those of you who are looking for an inspiration of a three bedroom one storey modern- contemporary house design in the Philippines here's my simple and practical design that might inspire you.

My dear friends, there can be a lot of overwhelming house design can be seen online all over the world. But only this house design captures a "Pinoy" preferences which is simple, refreshing but elegant house. 

Friends, every house is a dream come true.  Every dream house starts with a design. Let me do my part in your dream by providing you with the best practical design possible that suits to your needs. Live your dream house NOW! To order blueprints call (02) 570-7302 or Email us at

Keep believing in your dreams. Keep dreaming, because dreams are the seedlings of our reality.

Living the dream,

Architect Bernard Cadelina
"With God all things are possible" (Mat. 19:26).

PS. “Therefore I say unto you, all things whatsoever you pray and ask for, believe that you will receive them and you shall have them.”  Mark 11:24

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