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Monday, December 24, 2012

Living room Christmas decoration

Merry Christmas to each and everyone around the world!

It's Christmas holiday once again! Putting Christmas decoration in our house has been a tradition in celebrating Christmas. More so, it’s always been the thing that lightened up our mood for the season.  In the Philippines, the living room is usually became the center of attraction for our Christmas decorations.  Although, most of the families are gathered in the dining area where they eat together during Christmas Eve, but there are some would like it to happen in the living room with the huge Christmas tree.  A living room without Christmas tree/decoration becomes dull. One better way to welcome Christmas is making our home a small festival of joy.

Every person has each own way of decorating one's living room depending on our personal taste. We even search it through web to find more ideas on the theme or motif/design, etc to satisfy our decoration style. From cookies to the Christmas tree, from the ornaments to the chocolates, there is a wide range of items you can display on your creativity.

Here is a sample of a beautiful living room which I designed.  I hope you’ll be inspired.

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